Cyberpunk Love Hotel

“Room service, send this order to room 512!”

The order came around 10.30 P.M. I was doing nothing, or in other words, I was waiting for an order to come.

I was tasked to send a bottle of wine and some packs of condoms. Yes, sometimes the guest did ask something like this. Talk about being unprepared.

The person in charge that night gave the orders to me and let me out of the room to send the stuff. From the room, I went to the lift near the lobby and waited until the lift come.

Not so long after that, a guest came from the lobby and pressed the up button in front of the lift. He looked at me in awe. I looked back at him, show a smile that was taught to me by the hotel management. He smiled back.

We got into the lift, he pushed the button to the 3rd floor.

Silence filled the lift. The guest pulled his phone from his pocket, and start pointing his camera to me. This again, I said to myself.

I did not do anything about it, or to be precise, I can not do anything about it. It’s part of the job after all.


The lift reached the 3rd floor. The guest left the lift while still pointing his camera to me to me to me to me to me.

I waited alone inside the lift, a few seconds later it reached the 5th floor.

I got out from the lift and start the journey to Room 512.

In front of the door, I rang the bell to the room.

“It’s here!” I can hear the muffled sound of a woman.

The door opened.

“Look hun! They really use a robot to send room service order!” shouted the woman to her partner.

“Hahaha, this is really cool,” answered the guy trying to sound interested, while I’m sure he was staring at the woman’s butts and can not wait to use the stuff he ordered.

“Hey, I want to take picture with the robot!” the woman said in an overacting-cutie-sound tone.

“Sure, wait are you sure it’s okay to just hug the robot that way?”

Oh it turns out the man can still think with his brain after all.

“It’s fine, I saw they even have a robot that can be your sex partner, I’m sure a simple hug won’t matter,” said the woman.

THAT’S A DIFFERENT MODEL! What’s next? You’re going to hug a Terminator? I screamed internally.

“Okay, 1, 2, 3, cheese!”

“It looks so cute, I was hoping it looks more human-like though, maybe they don’t have the technology for that yet,” said the nonsensical woman.

“Okay, come on this robot got another thing to do, let’s just take our order and let it do its work.”

They took their order, and closed the door.

Oh humans, how the hell did you folks manage to survive for so long in this universe.


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