The Guilty Pleasure and The Potion of Happiness

Once upon a time lived an alchemist.

He was not a talented alchemist, but he did his job passionately, and the people loved him for his works. One day he decided that it’s time for him to make something for himself, something that can make him happy, and hopefully affect those around him. It’s time for him to make his Potion of Happiness.

He started with some random experiments using ingredients that more talented and experienced alchemists will never use. The result? It was more Potion of Sadness than Potion of Happiness. But he learnt from those experiments. He learnt a lot.

Next, he tried some ingredients that some people in the past already used with wide range of outcomes. Something dangerous, but if it works, it will make a great Potion of Happiness.

At first, the potion did something weird to him. It makes him happy whenever he drank it, but after that, it will fill his heart with sadness. A massive black hole of depression that turns his rest into a sleepless sweat-drenched nights. A waking nightmare that forbade him to get a good rest until he passes out.

When he woke, the first thing he did was naming the potion … or poison from last night with a label.


Days went by, but nothing came close to the feeling of ecstasy the poison gave him. He tried experimenting again with the similar ingredients, just to end up with similar feelings. But those moments of ecstasy was totally worth it for him. So, he changed the label of the potion.


He knew he couldn’t live relying on the potion, so he tried experimenting again with something totally new while drinking the old potion once in a while.


He didn’t stop there. He tried again and again and again until he found something that is perfect for him, his Potion of Happiness. And one day, he did find it! It was the best day of his life, yet. It showered him with pure joy, happiness, with minimal side effects, something that is not worth mentioning.


He did not just throw away his old dangerous happiness potion. It was part of the great journey he did to find the Potion of Happiness, or so he thought. So, he kept it dearly locked in his workshop.

Things were going well for the young alchemist, until one day, his Potion of Happiness betrayed him with its side effects and hidden thorns. It hurts him so much to the point he did not feel pain at all, only sadness … and surprisingly, anger.


The alchemist did not know what to do. He has tried his best to find the potion, but the more he tried, the more all those potions … no, the more he failed himself.

He tried to take things slow.

So slow to the point he started to question the purpose of his life as an alchemist.
So slow until it took months for him to get back on his feet again.
So slow that he started to drink his old potion again once in a while to keep himself happy even if it just lasts for a moment.




Some said, he spent the rest of his life finding the true Potion of Happiness, without ever stop relying on the old potion.

Was it the reason he never found the true Potion of Happiness?  Or maybe it’s the only thing that saved him from the brink of sanity and happiness?


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    • Fahmi

      Overdosis pikirin nanti saja lah, yang penting happy #eh