How can we measure happiness?

Is it by looking at how deep is the curve of our smile? By the playlist we listen to? Or simply determined by the fact that we are not crying or angry for no reasons?

Twenty seven years I’m looking for the answer, and I might just found the way to perfectly measure our happiness.

I believe that, we can determine how happy we are, not by looking only at our self, but by seeing people around us.

The happier we are, the happier people will be when they are around us.

This is something I learned from a recent life-changing event. Since that said occurrence, people kept saying that I looked much happier than I’ve ever been, something that somehow (and hopefully) affecting a lot of people around me.

Of course I still have a lot of road to walk to, seeing that this happiness bar I have is only filled to a few dozens points, while the maximum number is around seven billion points.

So, how can I achieve bigger happiness points? You are the one that can actually help me achieve that, yes, YOU! Whoever you are reading this random stuff.

Tell me what can I do to make you happy, and I sure will try to realize that.

Because whatever makes you happy, possibly can increase the personal happiness level I’ve been tinkering with since I was born.