Pain and Killer

The clock was ticking. It was a few hours past midnight, just a little while after 2 a.m. and way past the time for him to sleep.

Sadly, he could not, for he was in pain. Not some emotional heart-wrenching pain, but a physical soul-crushing and mind-numbing pain.

Described in a sentence, the origin of his pain was simple, he got some swelling inside both of his ears, and the right one is bigger than the left one.

He tried to sleep it over, but putting his head on the pillow already caused him so much pain. It was so painful that he started to cry and let out a little scream. A scream loud enough to fill the room, but not enough to make anyone in the house notice his trouble.

He finally able to sleep, although it seems like he just passed out instead of falling into a proper sleep.

During his sleep, the pain won’t leave him. It manifested into a nightmare, a monstrous form that filled his dream with dread and deaths.

He didn’t know how long the nightmare last, but it feels like he just spent an eternity inside. In the end, he died. And when he died, he woke up.

The pain was gone when he wakes up. Well, not really gone, but more like hiding for a while, amassing power before starting another battle inside his dream. A battle where he is the battlefield, not being able to do anything other than being used and hurt.

In the meantime, he lived. Doing chores and living his life in fear for the two beasts inside him recovering before waging another war inside him, physically.


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